Trevor Hinkle

Hi, I'm Trevor.

I'm a data-driven, multidisciplinary design, growth, & product partner for early-stage startups, impactful non-profits, and ambitious established companies.

"A designer like Trevor, with his enthusiasm for working on hard problems and skill in communicating both internally and externally, is an invaluable resource for any team."
- McGee Young, Founder and CEO, WattCarbon

"Trevor's impact was transformational. He spotted and addressed inefficiencies in the team almost immediately, aligning us to a single product focus, and gave our team clear KPIs and a product vision for the team to work towards.”
- Scott Johnson, Tech Lead, Carbon Intelligence

Selected Projects

Additional Projects

  • Advised on climate tech investments for 25Madison and Planetary Impact Ventures
  • User research and PM for B2C + B2B carbon tracking app (with Tomorrow)
  • Built agent-based models for “human in the loop” AI implementations (with Alloy)
  • Designed knowledge management tools for global strategy consultancy (with Alloy)
  • Facilitated design thinking workshops for internal stakeholders + clients (with PwC)