Trevor Hinkle

About me

I'm a digital consultant living in Amsterdam 🇳🇱, lucky enough to be working with amazing people and have amazing friends and family around the world.


Before going independent, I worked for several years with agencies and startups building/optimising websites and apps, learning mostly as I went with the privilege of some amazing opportunities and trusting mentors.

Drawn by the promise of integrating the subject more directly into my work and to cultivate a systemic mindset towards impact, I studied Climate Science in Copenhagen 🇩🇰, where I also joined an early stage climate tech startup, Electricity Maps and had a formative experience building the product and business.

Several years ago, I left what was in many ways a dream job at Electricity Maps to explore an independent path. It hasn't always been smooth sailing - going off on my own has pushed me in many ways - but I've been fortunate to work with a number of incredible teams, mostly in impact and climate tech, building, designing, and optimising great software and websites.

I see taking this path as the opportunity to build a life I never want to "retire" from - putting energy into work has always come easily to me, so my priority these days is to build a life of activities and projects that are just as rich and meaningful as the work I get paid for. Right now, that means working on a family cookbook, taking ceramics classes, and staying fit.

I've been deeply inspired by many others who've tried to carve their own path - if you're interested in working independently, working in impact/climate tech, or see anything in my story that resonates with you, I'm always happy to talk! You can reach me at